Monday, April 11, 2016

BonChon K-Style Chicken

I was down with fever earlier this month and spent 3 whole days at home eating fish congee and watching a Korean telenovela called “My Love from the Star.”

The K-drama series is about an alien who landed on earth in the Joseon Dynasty and, after 400 years of solitary life, fell in love with a modern day actress.

The most famous line from the series was when the actress Jun Ji-hyun said, “When I feel down, I look for chi-maek. It’s perfect on the day of the first snow.”

Chi-maek is a meal of fried chicken (chi) and beer (maekju or maek for short). It is a popular drinking custom in Korea and a good amount of fried chicken and beer was consumed in the show.

Scenes from Korean drama series "My Love from the Star"

As soon as I was given permission to step out of my bedroom, the very first place I went to was the nearest BonChon.

I craved so desperately for Korean style chicken, or what my younger friends call “K-style“ chicken.

BonChon Mall of Asia on a weekday night. 
Apparently a lot of people were craving the same.

I appreciate how you can customize your chicken. Choose the right size for your appetite, 
choose your favorite chicken part (this is so important to me!), and then choose the flavor
 that matches your mood. There’s soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus, and crunchy garlic.

My brother ordered the BonChon Chicken Bibimbowl

It had everything you need in one bowl – fried chicken, rice, pickled carrots, seaweed, 
egg strips, crispy garlic and sesame seeds.

I had the Soy Garlic K-Style chicken thighs. Look at that skin!!!

I finished all six huge ass pieces of the crispy, crunchy, sweet and garlicky golden goodness.
BonChon uses a unique cooking technique that gives the skin a crunch like no other, 
and most importantly, leaves no hint of greasiness in my chicken.

Finally, my K-Style chicken craving satisfied!

Tip: For the best chicken experience, eat with bare hands and eat with abandon.

Don’t worry, be messy! There is a washing area to clean yourself after. 

Not that you need any help getting into the mood for Korean-style chicken, but I thought this video will have you running to the nearest BonChon outlet:

Because I was still on a Korea high, I wore my K Palette eyeliner for the occasion.

And asked my brother to come with me in matching outfits. Hahaha!

Thank God for BonChon’s K-style chicken, we can now experience a piece of Korea in Manila!

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