Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Train

There is something novel about eating in a moving vehicle. I cannot go on a road trip without bringing snacks to munch on while we speed through the highways, I look forward to inflight meals with some wine and chocolates, but my favorite of all is enjoying a big dinner inside a train. I think trains are the most charming mode of transportation.

Earlier this year, I had a grand time traveling around Spain on the Renfe.

AVE train from Madrid to Seville

I had a few good meals in them, too, mostly sandwiches stuffed with jamon iberico de bellota

I do not like to complain, but these amazing jamon-filled sandwiches are a far cry from what you get on Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Train.

And just look at the elegant train interiors that scream old-world opulence. Every gentleman 
was in a handsome suit, every table covered in white linen, and every glass filled with good wine. 

Recently, the Chinese-Caribbean chef traveled on the Eastern and Oriental Express on a gastronomic journey through Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok, visiting markets, sourcing ingredients, and preparing a dinner feast for fellow travelers.

Jonathan Phang ready to board the Eastern and Oriental Express for the three-day two-night 
gastronomic journey

Very early the next morning, he visited the Kuala Kangsar Market to shop for ingredients.
This morning market is bustling with vendors selling all kinds of fresh poultry, seafoods, fruits 
and vegetables.

Jonathan with Eastern and Oriental Express Executive Chef Yannis Martineau 
personally picking out fresh produce to use for the special dinner. I was told they bought
 long beans, coriander, other leafy vegetables, plus a few local limes to use for dessert. 

While everybody else was enjoying some music and entertainment at the train's piano bar, the chef
busied himself in the kitchen. I can't wait to show you the dishes he prepared! It seemed impossible
to do it in the cramped kitchen in a moving locomotive, but he did it masterfully. 

Okay, maybe just a little sneak peek…

Watch out for the full 5-course meal tomorrow!

Catch Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Train 2 on Asian Food Channel, Sundays 3pm and 10pm.

Asian Food Channel Website

Jonathan Phang Official Website

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