Friday, July 24, 2015

Costa Coffee

I live in the south and you all know it takes A LOT to tempt me to go past Makati. 

But one fine Tuesday, I made it to Eastwood.

Only coffee from London possesses that power over me

I was not surprised to see half of Quezon City in Costa Coffee. After all, it is the newest
concept to arrive in our shores and did I mention it is also UK's #1 coffee chain?

 Costa Coffee promises fresh brew all day every day

Coffee beans are roasted and shipped all the way from London.
In this bag is the famous Mocha Italia, a unique blend of arabica and robusta that combines 
sweetness, bitterness and the body needed to make a good, strong cup of joe.

 While I took photos of this lean and mean caffeine machine, the barista proudly pointed out that
 it is THE coffee machine of all coffee machines, even describing it as "The Jaguar." Ooh la la.

There are cakes and sandwiches on display

Salads, too. But I did not travel all the way here to eat like a goat.

 I placed my orders and went up to the second floor because "the best seating is upstairs,"
according to the wall.

What I saw made me smile

I totally did not expect this cuteness. Costa Coffee succeeded in creating a fun and homey, 
cheerful and cozy place for its diners.

And I was pretty sure this little nook was designed for me

See? Perfect fit! 
Except the table was too small for everything I ordered.

Since I crossed continents to get to Costa, I did not shy away from pointing at every interesting thing on the menu. 

 Tuna with Sea Salt and Italian Vinegar Cucumber on Ciabatta

Melted Swiss Cheese with Mushrooms on Flatbread 

BBQ Pork Loin in Ham & Cheese Panini. I enjoyed this the most.
Do you see the extra layer of cheese on top of the bread?

Being the dessert monster that I am, I ordered double the amount of sweets, of course!

Freshly baked cookies: Belgian Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel Chip, Oatmeal Raisin

The Sinful Cake, which, in my honest opinion, needed more wickedness.

I finished this light, sweet and creamy Oreo Cheesecake in no time. This was my favorite thing
 to bake when I was younger and every bite brought back happy childhood memories.

 The coffee at Costa will always be the star. My cappuccino was smooth and velvety.

 And the Flat White was one of the best ones I've had recently. The coffee melded seamlessly
with the milk yet retained the depth of flavor of the roast. 
Yes, I needed two cups to wash down the army of cookies and cakes.

I swear this poor guy lost a few pounds watching me eat! Hahaha!
Mark Shofield came all the way from London to train the Costa Philippines Team and I must say he 
did an excellent job. The service was warm and friendly, and my coffees perfectly balanced.

 Businesses don't make great coffee. People do.
I wholeheartedly agree!

The closest to London I can get for now… That is, until Costa Coffee opens its second branch
in Robinsons Manila this July 31. Finally, much closer to me!

Costa Coffee: Citywalk 1, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City

Costa Coffee Website
Costa Coffee Facebook Page
Instagram: @costacoffeeph

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