Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Filipino Family Cookbook by Angelo Comsti



We were on a (ahem, friendly) date, and OMG! He was taking down
notes on a yellow pad!!!



That is how hardcore my friend Angelo is.

He takes food very seriously, while I just enjoy the moment and savor the flavors.

And that is why he is already an author of three cookbooks, and I am still this very delinquent, insignificant, small-time blogger. :D




His third baby, The Filipino Family Cookbook, is finally out! 
I am so happy I got first dibs, too! :) 




"Angelo Comsti is a foodie. His tasty words have made it to television, radio and various
periodicals, both print and digital. He also doubles as a food and prop stylist, having 
produced delicious works for magazines, TV and print ads, billboards, restaurant menus
and cookbooks. He finished professional culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney,
Australia. He authored the bestselling cookbooks Home-made for the Holidays and 
From Our Table To Yours (which won the 2014 Gourmand Best in the Worlds Award
for Best Author & Chef outside Europe Category!)" 




In this book is a treasure trove of recipes handed down from generation to generation, family 
recipes shared by some of the Philippines' favorite food personalities like Amy Besa,
J Gamboa, Robby Goco, Nana Ozaeta, and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. 




The book is thoughtfully divided into categories - soups, vegetables, poultry, seafood,
meat, and dessert




And under the Poultry Section is my Gwama's recipe




Susanna Ting's Chicken in Chinese Wine and Black Sesame Oil




My Gwama is not only beautiful inside and out, she is also an amazing cook. 
Her Chinese-style black chicken adobo is my absolute favorite and I want to share with 
all of you how to make this delicious and, most importantly, highly nutritious dish! 




Modesty aside, THIS IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!  :D
But seriously, everyone who has ever tried this gets addicted to it.
Be ready to eat a bucket of rice.




Thank you, Angelo, for letting me share with the world, through your book, one of our
family treasures. 



I am also excited to try a few recipes in the book like...



Rellenong Alimasag by Lorna Lombos dela Fuente




Bicol Express by Elene Go Dy-Prieto




And Guinataang Halo-Halo by Nene Fuentes




Congratulations, Angelo!!! You did it again!
I just know your cookbook's success will be as towering as your height! 



The Filipino Family Cookbook is available in all National Bookstore and Power Books branches.

For people outside the Philippines, you can get your copies on Amazon starting January 7, 2015.

Pre-order your books now at



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