Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Red Dress


I know I write mostly about my food and travel experiences on this blog, but sometimes readers ask me about random stuff, too. Like where I got the red dress I wore to Manila Bulletin's Arabian Night Thanksgiving Party. I received 7 emails, 8 private messages on Facebook, 3 direct messages on Instagram, and 5 text messages with the same inquiry.




This red dress



It is an old dress I got from Tango in Glorietta many, many years ago. I cannot remember the exact price, but I paid nothing more than P2,500 for it.

It's jersey so it's versatile. It will fit even if I grow to be 250 pounds.  

I've worn the dress twice only.


IMG 7807

Once was to my cousin Ritchie's wedding in 2010. See post here.
Until now I still do not know how to accessorize. Lol.
My style is always the simpler, the better. 



The second time was for Manila Bulletin's thanksgiving party last week. 

Because it was Arabian-themed, I needed to add some shining, shimmering, splendid to my outfit.

I searched the drawers and found a bunch of my sister's gold necklaces (she, on the other hand, loves her blings). I wore a few around my neck, and a few around my waist. 

Like this:



And voila!
Arabian in 5 minutes! 


Now the question is, if I can wear necklaces around my waist, does it mean that my waistline is as small as my neck?



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