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Unlocking the Secret to Weight Loss: Food Intolerance Test at Hi-Precision


I first heard about the Food Intolerance Test from the sexiest woman (also the sexiest pregnant woman) I know - Chinky Apostol-Goco.



 She is the only one with child in this photo. But, oh God, we all sported bigger bellies than her. 
She is now a mother of three and she makes all of us look soooo bad. Lol. 
This was taken outside Brenda's in San Francisco where we pigged out on fried chicken
and waffles, and plates and plates of sweet and savory beignets.



I've eaten with Chinky a few times and I promise you she DOES eat, but NEVER gets fat.


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PROOF. Yes, she eats carbs, too!
This was merienda at Craftsman & Wolves in San Francisco just days before she popped. 



I know I should hate her, but she let me in on her secret. 

And the secret, she told me, is knowing how each type of food affects your body. She said she took a Food Intolerance Test which tells her specifically which food causes her body to bloat (avoid at all cost!!!), which ones are borderline dangerous (eat in moderation), and which ones do not have much effect on her body (can eat like there is no tomorrow). 

Keeping that va va voom figure is really that simple.


Fast forward a few months, my friend Mel happily announced that they now do Food Intolerance Tests at Hi-Precision. Imagine my joy! 

Hi-Precision is our family's go-to clinic for our annual blood tests. We call them, they come to the house, do the procedures smoothly and surely, and email us the results. It is so convenient.




This is Mel who just gave birth to a 9.2-lb. baby boy. This hot mama makes the no-kids,
never-married me look like a cow.




Hi-Precision Plus in Rockwell is my favorite branch. They have 22 outlets across the country.
You can see a list of all branches with addresses, telephone numbers, operating hours, 
maps, and services offered by clicking here




 The photos on the walls make the diagnostics center look so relaxing. Mel said these were
taken by his uncle during a trip to Maldives. People who have fear of needles and doctors
and who just fear their test results will find comfort in these soothing images.




Dra. Geormie Garcia welcomed me into her office where she explained to me more about the
procedure and benefits of taking the Food Intolerance Test. She said the test will also help me
identify foods that cause allergies, stomach upset, indigestion, irregular bowel habits, headaches, 
migraine, skin breakouts, those terrible angry pimples, arthritis, depression, fatigue, etc, etc, etc. 
Honestly, I was just excited to know which foods I can eat wantonly without adding to my dress size. 



I prayed silently to God to please not make chocolates part of the list. 

I want to eat all the chocolates in the world and be as svelte as Mel and Chinky. 




After the consultation, I was led to the Extraction Room




A list of other services offered at Hi-Precision Rockwell




More scenes of the Indian Ocean to calm you down before your tests




The Extraction Room




Food Intolerance Test Kit




Really, there is no need to be nervous




All it takes is just one tiny prick




The nurse collected a few drops. You won't feel anything major, I promise.




Okay, maybe just a little ticklish. Hehehe.




Ahhh… the vial that holds the key to a healthier, less puffy me!




 I was in and out in 8 minutes! Easy peasy!



After 7 working days, my results were out. 

The first thing I asked Doctora - Are chocolates allowed?




And her answer is one big YESSSSS!!!!!!!! Cocoa beans are under my list of "Normal Foods."



Here are the four pages that will unlock the secrets to my weight-loss success.

Results are different for every individual so please get yourself tested, do not copy mine or you might end up fatter than I. SCARY!!! :P 











I am so delighted to know that I can continue enjoying the following things I love: coffee, lamb, arugula, oysters, peaches, nectarines, razor clams, pine nuts...

And oh my gosh!!! I can eat veal, macadamia nuts, olives, goat, eel, marrow (!!!!!!!) as much as I want. They have ZERO bloat effect on me!


Most importantly, I now know the reason why I am fat. It is because of the fresh orange juice and egg whites and barley and tofu and squash soup that Mom feeds me! GRRRRRR!!!!! Who would have known all these healthy stuff are the culprits to my parachute-shaped figure?

I will be so very sad to say goodbye to milk and crabs and pistachios, but I am also more than excited to say hello to a somewhat deflated version of myself! ;)

Thank you, Mel and Chinky, for letting me in on this secret that will change my life! 


The Food Intolerance Test is available in all 22 branches of Hi-Precision and for home service. Call 741-7777 or 0922-8906664 for bookings and inquiries.

Visit Hi-Precision Website for more information:

See the list of all branches here.

Hi-Precision Facebook Page






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