Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Il Ponticello ♥ ♥




I've been to Il Ponticello a long, looooooong time ago. All I remember is they have good pizzas. You see, pizzas were the biggest thing for me a decade ago.

When Tina suggested the place as one of the two options for dinner, I chose Il Ponti immediately. You know, for old time's sake.




The restaurant is now under new management. They cleaned up the place tastefully.
It would be nice to sit at the Chef's Table, except I was feeling too heavy that night to climb
up the bar chairs. 








Bar and Lounge Area




I had a Coconut Martini to start. It contained more sugar than alcohol. 



Tina did all the ordering. Sitting back, relaxing, and not having to make food decisions is such a novelty for me these days. 




Squash Blossoms and Chips




Mushroom Cream Soup




Pizza Valdostana - parma ham, gorgonzola cream, mozzarella, arugula
Nice flavors, bad crust. I made a good prosciutto and rocket salad out of the toppings.




Vongole - linguine, clams, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, white wine, parsley.
I found this a bit heavy on salt. 




USDA Choice Flat Iron Steak with garlic mashed potato and side salad



Surprisingly, the one dish I enjoyed did not even taste very Italian.



Spicy Pork Belly - slow braised pork belly, arrabbiata sauce,
roasted potatoes, glazed shallots, balsamic reduction, basil oil. 

"Isn't this humba?" Marco jokingly asked.
I had to agree. All I wanted that moment was steaming hot white rice.




Il Ponticello's very nice manager, Giulo Gongarini, came by to apologize for the pizza crust
and gave us complimentary desserts to make up for the boo-boo. Sorry for the bad photo, 
he was too fast for my camera, and too animated and passionate while sharing to us
his love for Italian food. Here he was saying Italian cooking comes from the heart.




The dessert platter more than made up for the unmemorable mains. This was the highlight of
my meal and I couldn't decide which among the three my favorite was. I am thinking to skip 
dessert in all my Makati dinners and come to Il Ponticello for this plate of heaven. 




Oh, Tiramisu! My mouth cannot wait to hug you again!




You, too, Cheesecake Panna Cotta




Nutellino shots. This concoction of vodka and Nutella is now officially my favorite alcoholic drink.
Sorry, Bailey's. Hahaha! :)

Cheers to Anton of Our Awesome Planet for being voted the No. 3 Travel Blog in the World
by The Expeditioner. You truly deserve it!




Thank you, Tina, for my purple birthday cake from Sweet Serendipities!
I also deserve this! HAHAHA! :)




Always a fun dinner with these guys! 



Special shout-out to Mitch of Il Ponticello. What a treat to receive this sweet message from her when I got home from dinner that night. :)





Il Ponticello: U203, Antel Corporate Centre, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati
Tel: +632 887 4998, +63949-7608731


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