Monday, August 25, 2014

Brasas ♥



Been hearing about Brasas for ages, so I grabbed the chance to finally try it on one of
the very rare occasions I was at The Podium




We started with some Patacones, crispy plantain chips topped with smoked pulled pork,
tomato salsa, and melted Monterey Jack cheese. The flavors were there, but the chips
were far from crispy. 




The staff highly recommended the Puerco Asado, a slow roasted pork belly with crunchy skin,
salad, rice and beans. Unfortunately, the skin, which I was most excited about, was so tiny 
and not crunchy at all. The belly was tender enough, but our favorite from the plate was
the side salad.




I'm not sure why, but the Lomo Saltado with sirloin strips, tomatoes, onions, and fries
reminded me of americanized chinese food from Panda Express, which was actually
not too bad a thing, except we thought we were in a Latin American eatery.




Sheryl, my food blogger wannabe friend, gave it one heart.




Maybe because we came near closing time, our food did not arrive hot and fresh. 
Buti nalang my date was the hottest and freshest. Lol! :P 



Brasas: 5/F, The Podium ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong.
Tel: +632 570-5559

Brasas Facebook Page


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