Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kitchen 1B ♥ ♥ ♥



Kitchen 1B is the more health-conscious younger sister of Apartment 1B


After surviving cancer, owner Marivic Lim now advocates healthier eating and uses only "naturally grown power ingredients" in her new restaurant. I do not know her personally, but in the menu she wrote, "I love food. I live to eat. My husband knows me well enough to gift me with a meal of foie gras in a Michelin-starred restaurant instead of a Chanel bag."

Ahhh… a girl after my own heart. I love her already. 




The interiors were done in a way that resembles a home. The mothers adore it. 
But we were here to celebrate Father's Day.




Obviously, we want our dads to get on this "eating right" habit



And at Kitchen 1B, eating right doesn't taste at all boring/dreadful.

In fact, we enjoyed almost all our dishes. 



Starting with the complimentary breads. They were so good it took a lot of restraint
to stop myself from eating the whole basket!




Goat Cheese and Marinated Beet Salad




Heirloom Tomato Soup - very nice and tangy, the way I like my lycopene




Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken - moist and tender. A bestseller at Kitchen 1B and rightfully so.




Oven Roasted Stuffed Pork Chop - even with the spinach and ricotta goat cheese stuffing,
this didn't really do anything for me




Lamb Curry - my favorite of the night! Fragrant and creamy Australian lamb on a bed of
basmati rice. I could have finished a whole order of this except it was also everyone
else's favorite. Our server was extra nice to give us additional papadum.




Shrimp Arugula Pasta




Guess who else were celebrating at Kitchen 1B? 
Jim Araneta of The Bottle Shop and his pretty daughters Carmen and Natalia :)




Jim recommended the Mushroom and Eggplant Lasagna and he was spot on.
So rich and hearty it was hard to believe I was eating vegetables.




This Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake is a must. The cake is made using ricotta goat
cheese, and the crust, Digestive biscuit. Indeed, a healthier alternative but no less indulgent.




Pineapple Crumble - for lovers of oats and quinoa



Other little things that made me like Kitchen 1B more:

1. Service was warm and attentive.

2. The restaurant manager Judea was so easy to talk to. 



3. The bill arrived in this plastic scooper




4. There is a mirror on the bathroom ceiling so you can fix your face while you pee,
or just watch yourself pee. Lol. :P




Happy Father's Day from The Fatty-O's




To our dearest Daddy-O's! :)



Kitchen 1B: Ground Floor, KL Tower, Gamboa Street, Legaspi Street, Makati City.
Tel: +632 403-5405, +632 843-2392, +63918-897-5877

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