Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Bottle Shop at Global Beer Exchange ♥ ♥ ♥


This was not my first time at The Bottle Shop, but I never blogged about past visits because, well, Mom and Dad read my blog and they still think warm milk is my drink of choice. Lol. 



The Bottle Shop is home to the biggest selection of craft beers in Manila. Jim carries names like
Anderson Valley, Rouge, Brewdog, Ballast Point, Gordon Biersch, Hitachino, and our very own 
Katipunan and Fat Pauly's among an ever growing list.




Bottles on the shelves




Bottles as wallpaper




Bottles as chandelier (!!!!!!!)




Aside from beers, The Bottle Shop now serves cocktails.
This makes me very happy!




The award-winning mixologist Larry Guevara in his element




COCKTAIL PARTY!!! Clockwise from left:
Alicia's Julinger (bourbon, fresh mint leaves and homemade ginger-infused syrup),
Cyrene's Transatlantic (5 spice-infused bourbon, wheat ale, orgeat syrup, ginger, nutmeg, mint), 
Cheryl's Elderflower Blush (gin, triple sec, elderflower syrup, fresh lemon juice, grapefruit juice)




Some girl ordered the Fierce Pinay, which combined vodka, triple sec, caramelized ampalaya,
and calamansi juice. The Bottle Shop dedicates this drink to the present day Filipina who
embodies both the timid and fierce outlook in life. AHEM.




Because she likes sweet concoctions, her second drink was the Tali Bali, an innocent-looking 
cocktail with gin, triple sec, elderflower syrup and fresh basil. This was only innocent in looks, 
but a devil in essence!  




 Her third drink was the Elderflower Blush (scroll up to see what's in it) which left her deeply
blushing so she stopped at three. The Bottle Shop uses at least 60ml of base liquor in all their
cocktails so every drink is potent. I could actually do with less alcohol, lol, but that's just me -
the milk-drinking girl. Hi Mom! :P




My favorite was the Royale Mojave, which won Larry the Monin Mixology
Bartending Series at the World Food Expo 2013. It had vodka, Monin rose syrup,
grapefruit juice, lemon juice, rosemary leaves, and topped with sparkling wine.
It tasted as feminine as the pink rose petal floating on it. ♥




The Bottle Shop also carries the best bar snack - Cheding's Banana Hot Crispy Peanuts!
The sweet, salty and spicy combo was so addicting I couldn't stop munching on it!




For those who want it tame, Cheding's Toasted Peanuts




Look who loves her brain food! Alicia brought home a box!




Jim calls his Gin & Tonic "Jim & Tonic." He uses Ballast Point small batch gin and Fever Tree
tonic with the freshest garnish. These are the Jim & Tonic Chili and Jim & Tonic Cucumber. 




Jim & Tonic Basil 
Next time I will request them to make one with dark chocolate and call it Jin & Tonic. :D




The Bloody Bastard, a "bastardized" version of the Bloody Mary with triple sec, tomato and
orange juices, tabasco, and barbecue-flavored spice came with a shot of tequila on the side




 Sneaky Pauly, a spin off of the classic martini. Made with gin, olives and fresh lemon juice.




Madame Geneva, gin, fresh coriander, mint leaves, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup




One of the nice things about drinking at The Bottle Shop is that you can order food from neighbor 
restaurants like Kublai's, Cafe Breton and Park Avenue Desserts. This brick oven Margherita Pizza
 is from Cafe Breton. Yes, the crepe place serves pizzas but only in the Magallanes branch. 




Look, Mom and Dad, no beer! Only pizza for me! :P




 Cyrene and Jim, Manila's Beer Authority


JIM'S NEW YEAR GIFT TO ALL: From now until January 31, visit The Bottle Shop and drink ALL the Bloody Bastard, Julinger, Sneaky Pauly and Tali Bali you want from 7pm-10pm for only P750!


The Bottle Shop: Unit 103, Tritan Ventures Building, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati. Tel: +632 8956175

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