Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be A Good Neighbor ♥ ♥



"Be A Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk"
I have no idea how the strange name came about, but I guess it works because this outlet
at the Fukushimaya Tasting Market is the coffee shop's third branch already. 




You can't hear it, but they play some nice relaxing music in here, the kind that makes you
want to stay in bed and cuddle and sleep all day.




Be A Good Neighbor carries two kinds of single origin beans from Voila Coffee, 
Big Spoon nut butters, June Taylor marmalades and preserves, and Dandelion chocolates (!!!) 




I'm glad Teelie liked his latte, because the coffee jelly was pretty average fare, and
the waffle sad, soft and soggy. 




I also enjoyed my single origin Ethiopia drip coffee



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So nice to catch up over breakfast with my friend Teelie Roe. Last time we saw each other 
was eons ago when we were still based in Hong Kong. Facebook truly does wonders
in reconnecting people! Thank you, Mark Z.!




I adore this place, but the waffle kinda killed it for me.



Be A Good Neighbor: Roppongi 1-4-5, Ark Hills South Tower B1F, Tokyo (Roppongi Itchome Station)
東京都港区六本木1丁目4-5 アークヒルズサウスタワーB1F
Tel: 03-3586-1025

Be A Good Neighbor Website

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