Monday, March 17, 2014

Ovomaltine ♥ ♥ ♥


I loved Ovaltine as a kid. Everyday I would ask my yaya to make me my favorite chocolate snack - 15 tablespoons of Ovaltine powder dissolved in 20 tablespoons of hot water. 

She is the reason why I am a fatootski up to this day.

But can you imagine how thick and sweet and chocolatey and chunky it was? ♥

I still make my favorite childhood snack sometimes, that is, until the greatest Ovaltine invention came along.




My friend Fran of Frannywanny sells this online and I bought my 3 bottles at P460 each. 
Ayayay! It tastes even better than what my yaya used to make! 



Here are the different ways and times of day I enjoy my Ovomaltine:



1. With Meiji crackers at midnight. Or at any time of the night.
I always keep a big box of these Japanese PLAIN crackers by my bedside in case of urgent
munchies. Having this close by saves me from committing the bigger mistake of raiding the
nearest fridge, or worse, the kitchen.




Thing is, these crackers, like the box indicates, are too plain to keep me sane.




So I do this. And it's very easy. Just break the cracker and scoop up the goodness.




I make sure to leave no crumbs or The Mother will know what I do at midnight. 
She loves this stuff, too, and spreads it on her pandesal for breakfast.




2. With banana or saba during the day




When people are watching, I use proper utensils. I cut my fruit into slices...




And dunk them into the bottle




I get as much crunchy cream on it as I can, and use my knife to add more when needed.
No better way to eat my potassium!




3. With my finger when no one is watching.
Just because I am sneaky like that! :P


Of course, you can spread it on toast, on pancakes, on ice cream, on waffles, on your lover… whatever floats your boat! ;)

To order your bottles, please click here

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