Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gusto Trattoria Italiana ♥ ♥


We came here right after our lunch at The Girl and The Bull

We are rarely in this area so might as well use up every millimeter of our stomach space.



Gusto Trattoria Italiana is recommended to Angelo by Gaita Fores. The casual eatery 
specializes in Sicilian cuisine. Every neighborhood needs a place like this!




Nino Quartana, owner of the trattoria, is also an artist. His works are 
displayed on the walls and the ceiling. Check out his portrait of Manny
Pacquiao in the background. He made it using volcanic ash! 
"I am a painter for profession, a chef for passion," Nino professed.




 This one made with paper has colored lights installed in it




True to being an authentic trattoria, Gusto's menu is written by hand




And its open kitchen is really open. You can walk right in and kidnap some pastas!




Misto della Casa - an assortment of appetizers which includes pumpkin drizzled with garlic oil,
marinated eggplant, chickpea pie, bread crisps, and quail egg truffle oil toasts. 




Spaghetti alla Carrettiera - perfectly al dente pasta tossed in olive oil with anchovies, garlic, 
fresh parsley and bread crumbs. So simple but so very delicious!




Sadly, the profiteroles filled with blueberry cream didn't do anything for me.




One day I must come back for the squid ink spaghetti and nutella crepe.
I will make sure to bring an empty stomach. 


Gusto Trattoria Italiana: 215 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque. Tel: +632 621 3522

Gusto Trattoria Italiana Facebook Page


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