Monday, February 10, 2014

Mu Noodle Bar ♥ ♥ ♥


Not a big fan of Chinese food (gasp!!!) and the Greenhills area, I had no idea where to bring my Ama and cousin who were visiting from Vancouver. 



Leslie suggested Mu Noodle Bar. I was sold when she mentioned Black Ink Hofan. 
Anything black ink is ooohhh lah lah. 




Complimentary garlic peanuts



We ordered dishes that were soft to the bite so it'll be easy for Ama. (And me who is sometimes lazy to chew. Lol.) The kitchen did a wonderful job "overcooking" the broccoli to fit our needs. 

I think we are becoming experts at this, because everything we picked - save for the oyster cake - was delicious!  *pat ourselves on the back*  :P



Chilled tofu with century egg and pork floss




Black Ink Hofan




X.O. Radish Cake




Fish Fillet in Coconut Sauce




Oyster Cake - will skip this next time. Or maybe I'll order it and eat only the cheese on top.
The oyster cake had more "cake" than oyster.




Broccoli with Garlic




If there is one dish you must order, it is this, the 3-Cup Chicken. I swear they must have
sprinkled some magic into this bowl of tender, juicy, sweet, gingery, savory, succulent pieces
of the most uninteresting meat to me, to make it my favorite dish at Mu. Give me this and a
hot bowl of rice and I will be as happy as a kid on Christmas Day. 




And if there is one dessert you must have at Mu, it is the Mu Milky Cup.
It's really just Kellogg's Frosties thrown on top of coconut ice cream,
but it brought me ultimate bliss. I am not exaggerating.




The Cua Pao Custard was just okay. I would trade all four pieces for another Milky Cup.




With Tabby and Ama :)


Mu Noodle Bar: 197 Wilson Street, San Juan. Tel: +632 4512681, +639178074057

Mu Noodle Bar Facebook Page

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