Saturday, February 22, 2014

Main Street ♥ ♥


I normally don't frequent the McKinley Hill area, but Alex recommended this restaurant for our mini get-together.



So romantic! Like a scene from a movie. :)




Main Street serves simple, no-frills American-Canadian food. I heard it is
famous for poutine and that a lot of their dishes come with fries. 


I scared. I love fries.

We ordered a few appetizers to share:



Mussels with Herb Beer Broth and Fries - eeeep! I ate more fries than shellfish.
The mussels weren't bad, I just like fried potato more.




Pork Belly with Salsa Verde - I know it said belly, but there was really way too much fat in this. 
Too bad because I quite enjoyed the taste and the crunchy bits.




Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa - the too-thick batter kinda ruined it for me




Alex and Zara shared the Crab Burger with deep fried crab patty, harrisa mayo and greens




Stephen and Wendy split this Porkchop slathered with barbecue sauce. 
The meat was tender and paired with the herbed rice.




Marie had Salmon and Chips. There were only 2 pieces of fish and she was pregnant so I did
not even dare ask for a taste. LOL! 




Mon ordered a medium rare Wagyu Cheeseburger




Which wasn't medium rare at all. The patty was also very, very salty. The kind staff replaced
it with a new one. I guess it was a lot better because the boys finished it.




My overcooked Grilled Kitayama Steak.
If this is medium rare, then next time I will order raw. Lol! :P




Milk and Cookies, Maple Bacon, and Malted Milk (my favorite of the three)




College eating buddies :)


Main Street: Upper McKinley Road, Taguig. Tel: +63915-7182591

Main Street Facebook Page

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