Sunday, February 2, 2014

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



I don't care if you think I'm shallow. I know it's like judging a book by its cover, or a man by his
sexy facial hair and perfume and the muscles showing through his suit, but I will run away and
marry a restaurant with this handsome a signage!




Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar in Alabang is my new favorite restaurant. 
Guys, this is where you wine and dine that special girl in your life this Valentines Day. 
I guarantee you she'll love it. If she doesn't, wine and dine me!!! LOL!!!  




This is the Champagne Bar. I did not check out the drinks menu, but I heard they carry 
exclusive signature whiskeys from Scotland and boast a good wine list.




The garden area is very inviting in the cool February weather




But I am an aircon kinda girl with a defective camera that does not appreciate dim lighting




The Caviar Dining Room. Check out that wine cellar!




And this wine bottle art!




There are only four of these booths so make sure you reserve early




Bread and co.




Amuse bouche of grilled eggplant and tomato with venison carpaccio and parmesan



Caviar offers a tasting menu, but the main course that night was Coq au Vin, and you all know I am not very fond of chicken (except Savory Fried Chicken and Big Daddy's Taiwanese Chicken Chop), so we went a la carte.

For a sure shot excellent dinner, I suggest you order exactly what we did: an appetizer to share, a soup to share, and two mains to share. 



Escargots Aux Truffle
Vineyard snails, double smoked bacon, cream of forest mushrooms in puff pastry. 




Bisque de Homard
Please do NOT eat the thing just yet. 




Wait for the server to pour soup into it. The last guy I dated who "ate" the
soup without the broth, I never saw him again.




Check out the super-colossal pepper mill! Also, in front of me was 
half portion of the soup. It was very generous. Make sure you share. 




The lobster bisque was served with a sprinkling of truffle oil. The combination was heavenly.
My only complaint: the lobster meat was over-poached. 




Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb, Potato Confit, and Bordelaise Sauce. 
Really, nothing I say can do this Colorado lamb justice, so I'll let the 
picture speak for itself. I promise Caviar's signature dish tasted as
surreal as it looked.




US Black Angus Ribeye, Wild Mushrooms, Potato Gratin



I mean REALLY??? This wasn't from a Japanese kobe cow or something that gets massaged
with Creme de la Mer? This ribeye was so luscious and delicious it was perhaps the next best
thing to having a French lover. Lol. You can't eat this and not be happy.


It came with Bearnaise, Gorgonzola and Bordelaise sauces. You don't need any of them.




If you still have a choice, date one of those girls who are so afraid of carbs so you can have this
ohmygoditsfreakingamazing potato gratin all to yourself. I say this side alone is worth the price
of the 300-gram steak it came with. 




We just shared a Molten Lava Cake for dessert. I needed to watch my figure after all. Lol. 
Of course, I finished most of it. I wish there was more chocolate ooze.




Chamomile Tea 




My coffee came with white and brown sugars, sugar cubes, Splenda, and macarons




A bottle of limoncello, compliments of the chef. I had a few sips only. 
It was 30% alcohol and I am a sissy.




I was so happy with dinner I wanted to hug Chef Frank van der Walle when
 he came by to ask how everything was. I took a photo of him instead.




And just because this is a Valentines date restaurant recommendation,
I am posting a photo of the bill so you know what to expect.


See, I am really a very low maintenance, extremely considerate girl. I did not order expensive wine and caviar. 



I saw the fear in his eyes when I was checking out the menu


Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar: Unit A-206, Westgate Center, Alabang. Tel: +632 552 7930, +639178683080

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar Website

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar Facebook Page

Instagram: @caviarrestaurant

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