Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cafe Shibuya ♥ ♥



We rarely travel this far up north, but Mom loves bread and the idea of eating a whole loaf
for dinner excites the gallbladder out of her 




I like nosing around the open kitchen where they assemble the toasts




Somebody else's mango caramel toast. I spied the kitchen staff plop a scoop of vanilla
ice cream on top. Howlymowly. I made a mental note to order this for my dessert.




Americano and Hot Chocolate




Matcha Latte for me




Sbihuya Benedict - farmers ham, deep fried poached egg, shiitake mushrooms and
homemade Japanese mayo cream sauce 




Who knew something as simple as ham and egg and mushrooms on toast could be 
so comforting. I let the soft, buttered bread soak up the gooey yolk before I soaked in
its uncomplicated beauty.




But my favorite was this Crunchy Chicken Teriyaki. I am, after all, Ms. Sweets before Ms. Jin!
The chicken was so juicy under the beautifully caramelized skin. And then, hiding under it,
the same irresistible soft, buttery, pillowy toast.




Salt and Pepper Spareribs with Mentaiko Fried Rice




Truffle Cream with Prosciutto Pasta




Mentaiko Pasta tossed with olive oil and bacon and topped with nori




As you can see, we were stuffed to the brim and tried very hard to suck in our guts and 
cover the evidence of overindulgence with our handbags, but... 




There IS always room for dessert, and the desserts at Cafe Shibuya
were shouting out to me!




I know I said I will order the mango caramel something something,
but as soon as I saw Nutella on the menu, my heart was set.
NUTELLA. My favorite thing in the world.




As each cube of chocolate hazelnut spread and vanilla ice cream-stained bread passed through
my dessert hole, my throat emitted little sighs of joy. It was a moment of complete contentment. 



And if you listened very closely, you could hear the sound of my thighs getting fatter.

I suddenly remembered Gwama's precious advice to me, "Rejoos ka na para maka-asawa ka na."

But, Gwama...





Cafe Shibuya: Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Tel: +632 722 2237, +63947-2213836

Cafe Shibuya Facebook Page


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