Monday, February 24, 2014

Beehive Pastries KitKat Cake


I've been meaning to order Beehive Pastries' KitKat Cake for the longest time.

I want to bring something that will stand out from the sea of cakes in our birthday parties. I want my cake to be THE STAR. I am ambitious and competitive like that. Lol! :D




And boy, am I brilliant or am I brilliant? Isn't the colorful cake the very first thing you notice
from the dessert buffet? :)




The "colorful" in this cake is a generous shower of M&M's, and the wall that holds them together
is an army of my childhood favorite chocolate snack - KitKat! The red ribbon makes it look like a
beautifully wrapped present. And really, it is a good-looking gift to bring to parties. Kids will love
it and the adults will want to take a million pictures of it! Ahem, ahem! :P




 The inside is a simple but very soft and moist chocolate cake with a fudge center. 
It isn't sweet and cloying, it is very easy to eat.



When I ordered the cake from Abbey, the young baker behind Beehive Pastries, I asked if she could put a puppy design on top because it is for Oreo's birthday party (see post here). She said the cake is too busy as it is with all the M&M's and offered to make me cupcakes with bone and paw design instead. Isn't she the best?




Paws and Bones. The same soft and moist chocolate cake but in cupcake form.
Gone in 3 bites.


To order, call +639228222399 or email

Beehive Pastries Website

Beehive Pastries Facebook Page

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