Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Goose Station, An Eighth Time ♥ ♥ ♥


It is only when I was preparing to post about my recent meal at The Goose Station that I noticed I still have 2 dinners at the restaurant that I haven't blogged about yet. ACKKK!!!!!!!!!!

So here I am posting dinner one of two, because I can't get to three if I don't get one and two out of the way. I'm OC like that.

"Dinner for Dessert" was an event organized by the people behind one of my favorite food blogs in Manila, Table for Three, Please. The dinner happened sometime in October two thousand twelve (hee hee) so naturally, I cannot remember all the details anymore.

The secret is out. Jin is not perfect. Gasp. LOL.

What I do remember is that I really liked the asparagus ice cream which most people had mixed feelings about. And the chocolate hazelnut dessert… that monster blew me away!!!


IMG 6521

Dinner for Dessert Menu



IMG 6530

Franco giving the welcome speech



IMG 6540




IMG 6537

My favorite Foie Gras Cone, Port Gelee, Hazelnut, Fig



IMG 6542

Tuna Sashimi, Wasabi, White Chocolate



IMG 6545

Salami and Guava Macaron



IMG 6548

Green Apple, Button Mushroom, Foie Gras Veil, Caramel, Fleur de Sel



IMG 6551




IMG 6560

Roasted Scallop and Shrimp, Sea Urchin Bisque, Fennel, Mocha Meringue, Sweet Potato Puree



IMG 6565

 Organic Sous Vide Egg, Polenta, Bottarga, Biscotti Migas, Pancetta



IMG 6554




IMG 6572

68% Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon Braised Veal Cheeks, Cauliflower Puree, Salted Peanuts



IMG 6575

White Asparagus and Truffle Ice Cream, Green Asparagus Ricotta Salad, Pesto



IMG 6579

Avocado Cream, Beet Sorbet, Sour Cream and Date Puree



IMG 6582

Citrus Jelly, Compressed Melon, Olive Oil Ice Cream, Arroz con Leche, Mascarpone Drops



IMG 6584

Layers of Chocolate Textures, Hazelnuts and Caramel Cream



IMG 6586

And then a magic show



IMG 6588

I wanted to bury my face in this. 



IMG 6528

The geniuses behind The Goose Station, the power couple Sunshine and Rob Pengson



IMG 6596

Applauding the staff for an excellent service



IMG 6601

And I applaud the people behind Table for Three, Please for a successful event.
Anonymous Paul, Sanju, and Kitchyart or Kate who baked cookies :)



IMG 6603

Everyone went home happy



IMG 6604

With the gift of a Gourmandise Raspberry Dulce de Leche Eclair ♥


The Goose Station: Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
Tel: +63917-8546673, +632 556 9068

The Goose Station Website

The Goose Station Facebook Page

The Goose Station Instagram: @thegoosestation_mnl

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