Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ogetsu Hime ♥



They didn't have an available table for us when we arrived at Ogetsu Hime at 8:05pm.
I made reservations for 8pm. Their record showed "Jean Perez 8:30pm." Honestly, I didn't
mind because some people from our group had not yet arrived, but we were also with 
our very pregnant cousin-in-law Kim.




I got excited when I saw him at the sushi bar




AN AUTHENTIC JAPANESE SUSHI CHEF!!! I started to dream about very delicious things.




At about 8:20 they sat us down at the teppanyaki table. GRRRRR. I specifically requested for  
the couch because we were a big group and it was difficult to have to yell your answer across
the room when your cousins ask you, "how is your love life?" Lol. :D




Ogetsu Hime apologized for messing up our reservations by presenting us with a complimentary
order of Chutoro. Thank you!!! Before last Saturday, I had never seen chutoro as orange as this.
Our server proudly explained that this kind of fish from Japan is very hard to find and that is
probably why I had not seen its kind before. Hokkaaaayyyy. When Auntie Judy asked another
server again to confirm if this was indeed the P1,700 chutoro on the menu, he jokingly replied,
"opo, pero baka galit lang ang kutsilyo ng chef kaya ganun ang itsura." OKAYYYYY.




Salmon Sashimi


We pretty much gave up ordering sashimi after that.



Soft Shell Crab Roll - tempura fried soft shell crab, asparagus, cucumber, mango honey sauce 
rolled in au nori and topped with Japanese mayonnaise and unagi sauce. The sweet sauce 
and mayo saved the rolls. 




At about 8:40pm we were transferred to the couch where we continued our dinner more 
comfortably. Service was good, but what I didn't understand was why only one serving of each
dish would arrive at one time when we ordered two of the same. There were only 4 pieces of
rolls in each order so half of us had to practice abstinence while watching the other half eat. 




This is my cousin Danny. He suggested the restaurant. Buti nalang super gwapo sya.




Momo Teri Maki - foil wrapped chicken teriyaki and asparagus rolled in orange ebiko
and topped with creamy bechamel, torched mozzarella cheese, light teriyaki sauce and 
bacon bits 




 Nagisa Maki - foil wrapped heated mahi mahi, carrots and shiitake mushrooms
with torched Ogetsu Hime mayonnaise and tongarashi teriyaki


The foil wrapped rolls were highly recommended by our server. The flavors were there, but the texture of the rice was really pasty. It felt like eating savory mochi. Or, in the spirit of Chinese New Year, tikoy with toppings.



 Ogetsu Hime Roll - furikake and sesame seed crusted roll with unagi, ebi tempura,
cream cheese, avocado and unagi sauce with kochukaru mayonnaise




Tamago - our all time favorite!




Kaisen Fried Roll - bread crumb crusted fried roll with spicy tuna, salmon, cream cheese 
topped with wasabi mayonnaise and unagi sauce



Rainbow Batera (first half)




 Rainbow Batera (second half)




Sebastian and Sophia enjoyed the Ebi Tempura




US Ribeye Teppanyaki - some pieces were tender, some were tough.




Skewered US Beef Roll with Shiitake Mushrooms - quite enjoyable




US Beef Roll with Spring Onions - not bad




Tori Momoniku Teriyaki - the chicken thigh teriyaki was bland and dry








Assorted Vegetables Teppanyaki - tasted like butter




Beef Fried Rice - also tasted like butter


I really can't complain much because the prices at Ogetsu Hime are very reasonable (except for the chutoro which is way too expensive for its quality), plus they do not impose any service charge.



I say the best part about our dinner at Ogetsu Hime was the company :P




The coolest, leather jacket-sporting peoples in our my Fatherside family




Toby and Sebastian




Achi Leslie and Sophie


After dinner, we went to Danny's for more bonding.



And bonding meant red wine and chocolate cake




And McDonald's fried chicken delivery at 2am


Ogetsu Hime:  5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel: +632 519 9840, +632 519 9740

Ogetsu Hime Facebook Page

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