Monday, December 2, 2013

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory ♥



This scene greeted us as we walked down from dinner at The Salted Pig.
Remember we did not have any dessert? YES!!!!!!!! A valid excuse to grab some ice cream!!!  




And this is not your ordinary frozen dessert. At Lab Made, the ice cream "scientists" incorporate
liquid nitrogen at -196℃ to freeze the cream. This method produces smaller ice crystals which 
is said to give the dessert a smoother feel and fresher taste. 




Lab Made changes their flavors every so often




Super Lemon Meringue Pie - okay, it was lemony, but it wasn't 
SUPER lemony!  #exaggeration




Chocolate Fudge Pecan Cookies




Earl Grey Tea - the tea flavor was quite distinct 


Honestly, I didn't feel much difference in the texture, and really, I prefer my ice cream much creamier. 

Just a note though, nitrogen ice cream melts faster than regular ice cream, so be like me and swallow fast!


Lab Made: Shop G42, G/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2670 0071

Lab Made Website

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