Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Shopping at Deal Grocer


Of all the discount websites, Deal Grocer is my favorite. 

I spend the most time on its Hotel and Dining sections, and recently, Taste Central. Sometimes I even spend more time on Deal Grocer than my own blog. Lol! I've bought many cake coupons from Hyatt (you know how crazy our birthdays can get), and redeemed countless numbers of those addicting roll-up pizzas from My Kitchen. I always seem to miss the expiry dates of salon and spa treatments though. Obviously, food is most important to me.

And this Christmas, I love the shopping website even more. My favorite deals I can now give as gift vouchers to friends as Christmas presents! 

It's no fuss shopping, plus Deal Grocer can deliver the envelopes right to their doorsteps!


DG Gift Voucher 2



Gotta reward myself, too, for being so smart! :P

So I'm buying these goodies from Taste Central. They ship for free until January 4!



Delicious chocolatey and truffley things. Nomnomnom….




Because I need coffee in my life


Deal Grocer Website

Taste Central Website

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