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Vask, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥



We were just at Vask recently for Auntie Babie's birthday (see post here), but I couldn't say no
to Jean's invitation to pig out at The Gallery again. I am always up for a delicious challenge!




As soon as we were seated, glasses of vermouth rouge welcomed us




The napkin said, "Relax. Open your mind. Explore your senses. Enjoy your journey to
the VASK country." OKAY! Let's go! I am very good at following rules, especially if it
involves enjoyment and is embroidered on a piece of cloth. Lol! :P 




The 14-Course Carluccio Degustation. Bring it on!!!




But first, Chef Chele toured us around his open workspace. This was the "traditional" side of
the kitchen, and on the other side was the modern half which had all his geeky chef gadgets
including a tank of nitrogen! 




Chele explained that at Vask, he mixes the old and the new. And he wasn't kidding about the old.
This is probably the most traditional cooking method and it's being used right here inside one of
the most modern-looking buildings in the newest area in Fort!




Believe me I tried to stay away from the cereal bread but it was too fantastic especially when
dipped in the three-time award-winning olive oil. I had a second piece, too.



We had these two bottles to go with our meal:



Parxet Cuvee 21 Brut Cava




Tinto Pesquera Ribera del Duero Reserva 2008




Magellan's Dimsum
Our first course was Vask's take on marrying East and West, old and new. 
It was a cheese plate served dimsum-style using modern techniques. In the basket were:
Parmesan Xiao Long Bao with parmesan and basil, 
Gorgonzola Mochi with strawberry and malunggay, 
Apple Wonton in wonton pasta, shiso leaves and green apple juice. 




Tuna Pod 
The classic tuna tartare taken to a whole new level with the addition of kalamata olives and 
basil then topped with lemongrass ice cream. It was served on a - what else - POD (!!!)
with smokes coming out from dry ice infused with more lemongrass. This was quite lovely.




 Fresh anchovy marinated in calamansi and chili garlic oil, served with bread crumbs, olive
marmalade and frozen beetroot for texture, earthiness, and a touch of cool. Very sexy visually
and gastronomically. 




Beer Urchin
Even before I tasted this I knew the combination of my two favorites - sea urchin and foie gras -
was a winner. The foie gras was in powder form with black beer foam and clam jus. The hint
 of orange was a pleasant surprise. I wish this course would never end.




I also wish I could take home this sea urchin bowl. What made my dining experience at Vask
so special was seeing that the chef and owners had put so much thought not just into the taste
but also into the presentation of each dish. Carlos Calma, who designed the restaurant AND the
building that houses the restaurant, was also the one who designed this funky eating vessel. 
It was eating art served on art. 




16-hour sous vide baby pork infused with vanilla and cooked under 62 degrees, served with
gnocchi made with pumpkin and kuzu, and baby tatsoi.
(Check out the cutlery!!!) 




I didn't care much for the pumpkin gnocchi but I loved how tender and milky the pork tasted.
I had to remind myself I was eating suckling pig, not a sweet-smelling newborn baby. Ack!!!
It was all the vanilla's fault. 




School of Peas and Toothfish
Grilled seabass on green pea-basil jus and topped with little cubes of Iberian fat and
spherification peas which were actually mashed up green peas formed to resemble
guisantes làgrima, a vegetable that can be found only in Basque country. Wicked, isn't it???
Too bad my fish was a bit overcooked. 




And then we saw the chefs having some fun at the "modern" side of the kitchen




A mixture of buko juice and coconut cream was cooked in liquid nitrogen to produce this...




Palm Crisp




The "palate cleanser" was crisp on the outside and incredibly creamy and coconuty inside.
I super duper loved this!!! As in willing to trade my future firstborn child for this! 




Foie in a Rock
The foie gras was first cooked sous-vide, then smoked, then grilled. I've had a lot of goose liver
paired with different fruits, but banana was a first for me. I am happy to report that it worked!
Firm but buttery foie with creamy grilled banana slices, crispy banana chips and coffee sauce.
Who would have known? 




Radish Garden
The wagyu beef, yes! But the apple-wasabi sauce, watermelon radish, and red radish didn't do
much for my palate.




Roger Rabbit
This plate of sous vide baby carrots, nutmeg, Greek cardamon yogurt, truffle crumbs and tomato
basil sorbet was a smooth and unique way to transition from mains to dessert. It was fun while it
lasted, but this was one dish I probably wouldn't order again if it were on the a la carte menu. Lol. 



The next 4 courses were my absolute favorites of the night. 

Hi, my name is Jin and I'm a dessertaholic.



Parmesan fondue, blue cheese and basil ice cream, and goat cheese snow with green apples
in two textures: sauteed in butter and rosemary, and crisp meringue.
One word: GENIUS.




 Warm chocolate balls, strawberry oregano coulis, ginger ice cream, mangosteen




Warm, cold, chocolatey, spicy, sweet, tangy, chocolatey, creamy, silky, crunchy, chocolatey…
This was not only better than sex, it made a multi-orgasmic woman out of me!




Summer Breeze
The combination of creamy tapioca, coffee, green cardamom, ginger, lavender, green tea
ice cream, calamansi and kaffir lime leaves made me feel like I was eating a romantic summer. 




Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates
 Chili calamansi chocolate, chocolate crispy sponge with wasabi ice cream, pomelo and
lemongrass chocolate. My favorite was the one with wasabi! 




Coffee in a pretty cup to end the meal




Thank you, Jean, Chef Chele and Besay!!! 
And thank you in advance, Angelo, for the signed copy of your book! ;)


See my previous Vask posts here:
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Vask: 5th Floor, CLIPP Center, 11th Avenue corner 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel:  +632-2176563, +639155077047, +639178065292

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