Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grace Park's Quatro Leches ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Grace Park's Quatro Leches is my #1 favorite dessert of the moment. (Click here to read about my first encounter with heaven.)

I asked Tricia if I could order a whole cake for a party.

When she said yes, it felt like hearing a yes to a marriage proposal!




Eight by ten inches of milky glory




I made a few adjustments to prettify the cake. Truth is, I just wanted to start eating before
everybody gets to it.




Starting with the crust. Ohmygad!!! It was so wet and sweet and it was perspiring milk!




I washed the raspberries and blackberries and arranged them on top of the cake.
I also threw in some blueberries I found in the fridge.




See how soft and drenched and creamy the cake. Four kinds of milk combined to pleasure me
senseless! Quatro Leches is my favorite dessert of the moment, and I know this is a moment
that will last forever. ♥


Grace Park: One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, Makati. Tel: +632 843 7275


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