Friday, September 13, 2013

Yabu, A Third Time ♥ ♥ ♥


In our family, three is not a crowd. 

This is, of course, coming from Ms. Forever Third Wheel = ME.



I like how the Yabu staff asked if we were familiar with the Yabu Ritual.
Grinding sesame seeds has never felt so spiritual.




My favorite appetizer at Yabu is this seaweed salad called Wakame. I usually mix and match
Wakame and Wakame because it is THAT good. Lol.




But I thought I'd replace one Wakame this time with the new octopus salad called Iidako.
I found it too sweet. Next time I'll stick to my winning combo.




Each set at Yabu comes with shredded cabbage, pickles, rice, miso soup and fruits.




Dad had the Kurobuta Katsu Curry. Yabu gives you the option to choose mild, medium or spicy.
Dad prefers things tame, I like it very hot. 




Mom had her favorite Kurobuta Katsu




She likes to sprinkle sesame seeds on her rice




I tried the new Kurobuta Miso Katsu




Since it was already dipped in sauce, I rolled my sweet pork in sesame seeds




IMHO, Yabu still makes the best Kurobuta and non-Kurobuta fried cutlets in Manila




And their cabbage shreds are mighty fine



No wonder even with all the Japanese franchises coming in, Yabu is still many people's favorite.




 My favorite eating mates, Wheel 1 and Wheel 2 :P


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Yabu: 2nd Level, SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium, South Arcade, Pasay City. Tel: +632 511 7202

Yabu Website

Yabu Facebook Page

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