Thursday, August 15, 2013

Suzhou Dimsum ♥ ♥




Ahia Nichol was shocked to discover that I haven't eaten at Suzhou in all my 34 years and promised to bring me there for more pigging out after our Hong Kong pig-out trip. I love that our family is sick like that. Lol! :D




He has eaten with me too many times and knows the drill by heart...
Hold up the menu for picture taking, no touching the food until I'm done snapping
1,678,935 photos, pretend not to see when I begin moving food around with my fingers,
and not to act all grossed out when I start sucking on things like feet and offal.




Spicy Chicken Feet - okay, these were really hard to suck on. The feet were tough and rubbery.
I like the steamed brown ones served in Cantonese restaurants. I afraid of pale toes.




Soy Sauce Steamed Goto - soft and chewy like eating very tasty rubber bands. I likey!




Soy Sauce Steamed Beef - tender beef slices seasoned very well. My favorite of the night.




Xiao Long Bao - the skin was thick but the filling quite tasty




Pan Fried Xiao Long Bao - see above comment




Shallot Oiled Pancake - I liked that it was thin and crisp, but didn't like that it was too stingy 
with the spring onions 



The next three dishes were quite forgettable.



Bamboo Spicy Shredded Pork




Red-Cooked (or Braised) Mutton




Stir Fried Rice Cake



And the last dish was the winner.



Mustard Vegetable Fried Rice - with pork, vegetables and rice, this was a meal on its own!



Next time I'll order the beef slices, vegetable fried rice, and maybe some boiled soy pork ears.




Eating with the boys only meant I also ate like a boy! Hooray to me!!! :) 


Suzhou Dimsum: A.Mabini Street (near Maria Orosa), Malate, Manila. Tel: +632 302-4347

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