Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cafe France French Donuts


It is utterly absurd and unacceptable to end a meal without dessert, so after our dinner at Suzhou Dimsum (see post here), I begged the boys to indulge my sweet teeth. Yes, TEETH. Everything has to be in plural form when it comes to me.




Did you know the UN Avenue branch of Cafe France is open 24 hours? Thanks to me,
there's another place to add to your list when midnight cravings hit. You are most welcome! :P




I'm liking this cozy corner nook




And look see! Cafe France's own version of the ever famous croissant-donuts!
Here they call it French Donuts. 



Of course, I ordered all three. Remember me and plural form? Hee hee hee.




Classic Chocolate




Okay, so I was impatient and didn't want to wait for the freshly made french donuts and instead
had the staff toast the ones on display for me. The layers became a bit soft which wasn't exactly a
bad thing if you are like me who prefers soft over crisp. The chocolate melted and bled when I cut
into the ring. Tell me, how does one resist choco ooze?




Lemon Custard was the boys' favorite. The zest cut through all that richness.




The Salted Caramel perspired sweetness and saltiness. I think I gained 30 pounds
just gazing at this pic.




Don't look at me like that!!! I promise I was just cutting them into pieces!




This was the real culprit who attacked them french donuts! :P




Take home goodies!


I swear tomorrow I'm gonna wake up looking like a Chinese donut!


French Donuts are currently available at the following Cafe France branches: UN Avenue, Greenhills Theater Mall, Valero, St. Lukes Medical Center, South Luzon Tollway Southbound.


Cafe France Website

Cafe France Facebook Page

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