Monday, August 26, 2013

OTKB Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar ♥ ♥ ♥


I keep calling it OKTB when it's actually OTKB, that newest restaurant by Chef Rob Pengson of The Goose Station

Yes, another one! This guy's on a roll!



 New... On The Kids Block? Har har har! :P
(Sorry, couldn't help it!) 




Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar is opening on August 30, but we couldn't wait till Friday so we went
during the restaurant's "closed for training" period which explains the unfinished bar area.
It will be filled up very soon, so come hungry... and thirsty. 




Dark wood, red bricks, suspended bulbs, service staff in black ties and white skirts…
I love it already!




The food at OTKB is fun and wild and aggressive and exciting. And no wonder.
Just look at the kitchen crew. They're crazy. They're having fun.




And the chef de parties' got tattoos on both arms!
(Kinda reminded me of the guys at Iggy's




Minestrone - haricot beans, coquiletes, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic confitura, pickled
shallot and beets, compressed carrots, edamame and zucchini in a tomato, orange,
peperoncino and beans broth. WHEW!!! I loved the rich tomatoey goodness of the soup.
The crisp and crunchy vegetables added texture and adventure.




Prosciutto and taleggio panino, pan roasted mushrooms, fried quail egg, cognac mustard.
A good-looking mess that came together beautifully in the mouth. 




 Confitura of marbled potatoes, fried chickpeas, calabrian cauliflower puree,
parmigiano-reggiano bavarois. This is what all marbled potatoes in the universe dream to be.




Conchiglie fennel sausage ragout. A bit salty, a bit sweet with perfectly al dente pasta.




Almond and funky cheese tagliatelle, sous-vide egg, crispy pancetta, chives, black pepper crumble




Sous-vide pork belly, pork scratchings/crackling, garlic mashed potato, pork and apple jus,
radish and pea salad. The pig was flavorful and very, very tender. 



Let me tell you this. OTKB's pizza crusts are big and fat like me. They are light and crisp on the outside, soft and chewy inside. (Also like me.)

I was trying to stay away from carbs (HA!), but what the fuggggg, they were too good!




Gorgonzola, green apple, braised red cabbage, walnuts, steeped dates in syrup, arugula




Mushroom medley and provolone pizza






I was very happy with our dinner at Olive Tree. 

I think my eatmates were, too.



They couldn't stop taking pictures of the food...




Of the chefs...




Of the service staff… Yup, Cyrene gets carried away like that. :P




Congratulations, Executive Chef Rob and Sous Chef Jonvic!!!


OTKB: G/F, B4, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tel: +632 823 0366

OTKB Facebook Page

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