Monday, August 26, 2013

Chicha ♥ ♥


So I thought a little change in scenery would do me good.

But Hong Kong is not really a different scene for me.

Therefore I settled for a different cui-scene. :P



On my birthday I had my first ever taste of Peruvian food




After the big lunch at Robuchon earlier (read about it here) I was ready for dinner
3 hours later. Me wanted to be the early bird who gets all them worms!!!




Chicha has been voted by Peru's national paper El Comercio as one of the top 5 Peruvian
restaurants outside the country. See the full article here. (But it's not in English. Lol!)




Chicha's Menu 




Ritchie had a Jolly Roger
Pisco, mixed berries, fresh lime, fresh chili, brut millesime, up




I had the Girl from Lima
Pisco, avocado, fresh lime, tajin spice, up 




Ceviche Corvina - sea bass, choclo, camote, red onion, classic leche de tigre.
The raw fish in lime juice, garlic and herbs did not taste as exciting as it sounded.
The huge Peruvian corn kernels added crunch but did absolutely nothing to save the dish.




Oh My Cod - black cod, ponzu miso, aji rocoto aioli.
 Oh my God/Cod, this was good! Perfectly crisped up on the outside while remaining moist
and milky inside. The tangy mayo did more magic on the already delicious fish.




FYI, I was not the only one who displayed bad manners during dinner :P




Our Fish and Pork Tacos Peru came out much bigger than expected.
I just saying, NOT COMPLAINING. 




Fish Taco had chicharron de pescado, aji rocoto, coleslaw and mango salsa.
So many textures and vibrant flavors! Too messy to eat but I promise your mouth will love you for it! 




Pork Taco - chicharron de chancho, lettuce, salsa criolla and aji amarillo crema.
This time I got carried away and forgot to take a photo until the very last bite.
As messy as the fish and equally as good. 


Sorry for the long pause, I had to lick my palms clean.




Aguadito Criollo de Pato - roast duck, red pepper, coriander, and juicy aji panca arroz.
My instagram friend cheekytsinay warned me that although the rice tasted like heaven,
the duck meat was dry. Well, what can I say? At least we now know Chicha's quality
is very consistent! :P




My birthday dinner date ♥


Chicha: G/F, 26 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2561 3336

Chicha Concept Creations Website

Chicha Facebook Page

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