Monday, July 29, 2013

Cutie Pie Riyanne


I swear! My niece brings so much joy to my life!

Even when she's millions and millions of miles away (in a boring place called Virginia… zZZzzZZZZzzz….), she doesn't fail to make me laugh.

She's also the one who took after me the most and this is evident in her love for food and all that pudgy glory.

I call her My Chubby-O.

Check out her captions on instagram.





Image 1



Image 10



Image 12



Image 2



Image 3



Image 4



Image 5



Image 6



Image 7



Image 8



Image 9


Parang slang na bisaya!!!


Image 11

I love you so much, my Chubby Pie, Cutie Pie!!!!!!

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