Sunday, June 2, 2013

Qiang Qiang Tea & Coffee 鏘鏘茶飲 ♥ ♥


I am always amazed at how creative the Taiwanese can get with their food cart businesses. 

They sell all kinds of food and drinks from these little four-wheelers - lunch boxes, noodle soups, peanuts, fried chicken, fresh fruit juices, chicken asses, scallion pancakes, oyster cakes, stinky tofu... 

And now they even have hand drip coffee!



Qiang Qiang Tea and Coffee Cart




 This vendor specializes in pour over coffee




He uses high quality fresh milk, too




Who says you can't get good coffee on the streets? #ilovecoffee #ilovetaipei


Qiang Qiang Tea & Coffee 鏘鏘茶飲: Pushcarting about, no permanent address.

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