Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe ♥ ♥


Decided to try out Mesclun for this year's Father's Day Dinner.

We originally wanted to go to the new Fort branch, but with the current cuckoo weather situation, we finally went with the safer choice. The oldies would raise hell if we were in Serendra and it started pouring!

There were minor hiccups in the reservation process with Linden Suites. They wanted me to pay a 50% deposit (it was Saturday afternoon already and I live down south, hello?!). After some convincing, they finally agreed to cut me some slack, BUT informed me that they will only start firing up the kitchen for my pre-orders when we get there.

Fair enough.

They also gave me a holding period of 15 minutes or they would give away my tables to other parties ("because, you know, Ma'am, it's a special occasion, and your group of 30 pax will take up half of our restaurant already.")

Okay, fair enough.


So this is how busy Mesclun was when we arrived at 7:30pm:



Before Fatterside 



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After Fatterside



In fairness, the staff did a wonderful job serving our big, noisy, chaotic group. They were very attentive and gracious and even agreed to waive the corkage for one bottle of wine.




They gave us a round of complimentary iced tea, too.
It was the very sweet, powdered kind that I loved to drink up to age 15.




Bread and herbed butter




Andre's Poke - Hawaiian style tuna ceviche in sesame dressing and sriracha mayonnaise.
This was my favorite of all dishes. So spicy with just the right amount of creamy.
I was eating this long after the crostinis were gone.




Buffalo Balls - chicken meatballs in spicy buffalo sauce with blue cheese dip.
I loved the strong and bold flavors. The oldies thought these were too salty. 




 Cream of Mushroom Soup - too much starch and lacking in flavor




 Sisig Spaghetti - overly rich and creamy even for a cream-maniac like me




Guava Pork Adobo - everyone loved this sweet and tasty take on adobo




Duck Confit -  good and crispy but it looked kinda awkward on such a small plate




Just to give you some sort of perspective




Sarangani Bay Apahap - too dry. It was the only fish dish in the menu. :(




Lamb Paella - not bad at all




Mango Condensed Milk Crepe




We also enjoyed these delicious suman from Rosalie's in Bulacan. Thank you, Auntie Babie!



To celebrate Father's Day, we dressed up as preppy boys (much to the delight of fathers who crave for sons! Lol!)




Florence was the winner! She looked like a real deal tomboy complete with her pomada! 




 Chiang boys




Special mention to the chucks Achi Donna borrowed from Cindy
to complete her look. Lol! :) 




 Missing Uncle Dennis








And of course, whatever the occasion, Gwama will always be the star! :)


Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe: 2nd Floor, Linden Suites, Tower 1, 37 San Miguel Avenue, Pasig. Tel: +632 639-7878

Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe Facebook Page 

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