Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yong Shun He Suzhou Dumpling House 永顺和苏州汤包馆 Ӫ


The plan was to restaurant hop starting from Yang's Dumpling (it's the best!) to Jia Jia Tang Bao (meh!) to other restaurants on Huanghe Lu.

But we came late and Jia Jia already closed for the night after our fried dumplings escapade at Yang's.

We saw this other soupy dumpling place further down the street and thought we'd give it a try.



Yong Shun He Suzhou Dumpling Restaurant



Turned out to be the worst ever meal of our trip!  



Fried pork chop with fried rice cakes - tasted like cardboard




Stir fried pork intestines
One basket each of Tang Bao (Soupy Dumpling), Crab Roe Tang Bao,
and Egg Yolk Tang Bao. None of them good.
The skin was thick, the filling mushy, and the soup bland and oily
It was a major dumpling fail
Someone looks very displeased! Yikes!
Yong Shun He Suzhou Dumpling House 永顺和苏州汤包馆: 111 Huanghe Road, Shanghai, China. Tel: +86 21 
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