Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wee Nam Kee ♥ ♥


The last time I had Wee Nam Kee was in Singapore more than 4 years ago. 


IMG 7561

Feels like 4 decades ago. Read about it here 



IMG 7549

I remember the tender and silky chicken and wonder why restaurants in Manila couldn't
achieve the same effect




But that's all gonna change now. Well, at least until the 30th of June. Because this guy Linfred,
who is a good friend of my cousin Frances, is flying in the same yellow chickens that Singapore
uses and he is serving them at his Wee Nam Kee branches in Serendra and Glorietta!



Yellow chicccckkkkkeeeeennnnn…... Mmmmmmm…...

Linfred also left the food stall-hawker center appeal of Wee Nam Kee back in Singapore and created a bright and cheery space for the chicken-eaters in Manila.




Main dining room




Private room




Scenes from Singapore hang on the wall




Heck, it was nice even inside the toilet!




We usually just have warm water with meals, but summer is a b*tch and we couldn't
resist some Barley Juice and Cucumber Lime Fizz to cool down our (hot!) bodies. :P




Local Chicken vs. Yellow Chicken
I bet you can already see the difference without need for much explanation.
Big Bert on the right is corn-fed, plumper, silkier and juicier.  




Of course, we went for the gold. We had the yellow bird two ways - steamed and roasted.
I like roasted better because it was tastier.




The Chicken Rice could have been more fragrant. We mixed in a dab of crushed ginger
and it came alive instantly.




Chicken Soup




 Marmite Pork Ribs - the meat was tender but I wasn't a big fan of the starchy brown sauce




Cereal Prawns




The highlight of the meal for me was the crispy sweetish cereal which I ate spoonfuls and spoonfuls of




Stir-Fried Clams in Spicy Sauce - like chili crab but clams




Super soft and pillowy fried mantou




Of course, multiple dipping was expected and encouraged.




Mango Sago Pudding - layers of vanilla panna cotta, tapioca and mango gelee.
Like mango sago soup in pudding form.




Warm Roti with Milk Tea Sauce - Linfred explained that this was their version of an Asian waffle. 
I thought the idea was fun and creative, but bear mixed feelings about the taste. 




You have 54 days left to try this, my friends. 
In case you don't know, Yellow Chicken is the Wagyu of Chickens.




 And that girl in yellow is the Wagyu of Katakawan! :D


Wee Nam Kee: Ground Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati. Tel: +632 478 8477

Wee Nam Kee Facebook Page

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