Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wee Nam Kee ♥

A friend once told me, “When you are in Singapore, you must try the Hainanese chicken rice. And when you want the best Hainanese chicken rice, you must go to Wee Nam Kee.”


IMG_7549Hainanese Chicken – tender and silky, but bland


IMG_7545Chicken Rice – again, this lacks flavor


IMG_7546Sweet and Sour Pork – normal sweet and sour fare


IMG_7552Cereal Prawns – okay, I do not remember how I manage to take such a bad photo. I can only say that the prawns taste exactly like how they look in the picture - a blur.


Not. Impressed.


Dear friend who once told me that Wee Nam Kee has the best Hainanese chicken rice, please, you must let me take you to Grand Cafe in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and Tao Yuan in Manila.



IMG_7561 Frances, Felisse, Chester, Me, Jessica, Jason, Rad


Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant: 275 Thomson Road #01-05 Novena Ville, Singapore. Tel: +65-6255-6396

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