Saturday, May 4, 2013

AK Bistro ♥ ♥





Mom loves going to Angel's Kitchen in Connecticut.

After our Identity Thief movie date in Power Plant, we walked over to One Rockwell and browsed through the restaurants for our dinner.

After going back and forth the strip several times, she finally decided on… wait for it...

AK Bistro!

Surprise, surprise! :P




AK Bistro is the younger sister of Angel's Kitchen. It is the more refined version, but still very homey.




True that!




I've always loved the pate at Angel's Kitchen and asked our waiter for refills




He came back with this - more pate and a spicy tuna spread which he said he wanted me to try.
Is that excellent service or what? 



He also gave us 2 bowls for our laksa and 2 plates for the salpicao even before we asked.

Very good training!




Laksa - I loved the fish tofu and delighted in the fact that the shrimps were peeled. The soup was
good but not the best I've tried. My heart belongs to the laksa from Tao Yuan.




Ostrich Salpicao - Mom's favorite and now mine, too. So tender and garlicky!
Perfect with the bowl of rice it came with. 




Me and Mother Bear


AK Bistro: Ground Floor, One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive, Poblacion, Makati. Tel: +632 478 9880, +63917 8133763


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