Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Speculoos Cookie Butter ♥


Everything now is Speculoos this, Speculoos that, cookie butter this, cookie butter that.

Honestly, I think it's overrated.

I still like peanut butter and nutella the best (especially when you mix the two together, KABOOM!!!), but I'd still eat anything that sounds cute, like, you know... speculoos cookie butter. Tee hee hee.




I like to spread the crunchy one on my banana




See the little cookie bits? They give an exciting texture to an otherwise soft and boring fruit.
(I eat banana because it's another cute-sounding name)




Make sure you don't scrimp. Speculoos tastes better when it's so thick it drips.




The original one takes a bit more work. It's sweet but it's got no oooomph. 




I spread it on crackers (sometimes I use bread) and top it with pork floss which I got from here
Salty and sweet, now that's more like it.


(Me still thinks it's overrated.)

How you do enjoy your Cookie Butter?

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