Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jean-Paul Hevin ♥ ♥ ♥


"I enjoy a few squares, served at room temperature, towards the end of the morning to replenish my energy sources. Then I have a few more squares as a dessert after my meal. During the afternoon, I especially like to eat chocolate with bread and butter, whereas in the evening, I prefer just to let a square melt right under my palate." - Jean-Paul Hevin

Jean-Paul and I, we enjoy the same thing.

Although with all due respect to the chocolate guru, I honestly think I enjoy it more.




So I couldn't contain my excitement when someone surprised me with a box of JPH.
It was not just a box. It was a very handsome 20" wooden box. 




Opening it was like opening a treasure chest. Look at all the precious chocolate squares!




The box came with a brief description of the different origins of the five chocolate bars,
the type of beans, nose, taste and particular features. They were all 70-75% dark chocolates
because that's what I like. :) 




Madagascar, Colombie, Caracas, Cuba, and Piura
My favorite is the Colombie from Columbia. It tastes of caramelized cookie and roasted coffee.
Chocolate and coffee really make the most perfect marriage.  




The squares melted to my touch, because, well, I'm hot like that. HA!!!!!




Oh, Jean-Paul! I luuuurrrrrve the way you mess with my fingers! :P



I couldn't find my treasure chest the next morning.

I knew right away Mom had already done the unforgivable.




She massacred my bars!!!

My mother, the murderer, strikes again! 


Jean-Paul Hevin Website

My Mother, The Murderer 

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