Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Mother, The Murderer


While I like to prettify food, my mom loves to massacre it.

Look what she did to my precious double egg yolk mooncakes!



IMG 5571

She cut them into bite-size pieces and ZOMG!!!! She threw away the yolks!!! @#$%&*!!!!!!!!!!!



She does the same to cakes, brownies, breads, fruits, anything and everything!

She removes the icing, the caramel, the frosting, the filling, the crust, the nuts, all the bestest, yummiest parts.

"It's too sweet," "Too salty," "Too unhealthy," "Too high in cholesterol…"


Oh, and she likes to keep everything in the fridge, too... breads, chocolates, moon cakes, medicines, chocnut, coffee, cookies, chewing gums, marshmallows... 

She hates it when there are too many boxes and containers in the fridge so she opens them up, breaks the contents into small pieces and fits them into cling-wrapped bowls.

Like what she did to my most prized possession...



IMG 6032

Please forgive her, Patrick Roger, Hugo & Victor, Michel Cluizel and Henri Bouillet!


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