Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zubuchon ♥ ♥


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Sinulog was my chance to finally try the most talked about lechon in Cebu - Zubuchon.

I have a VERY BIG, not-so-secret crush on Anthony Bourdain, and I, like any (stupid/naive/brainless) woman in love, believe every single word he says.

And those three little words - Best Pig… EVER - plus the exclamation point, touched the very bottom of my heart. 



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I believe Zubuchon was the busiest restaurant during the Sinulog season. I heard sales from
January 1-20 for this branch only hit eight million pesoses. This just shows you how many women
(and men) are in love with My Anthony. :P 



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The regular menu is simple and easy. If you're a big group like us, you can order everything.



IMG 1790

For the Sinulog, they added and took out a few items.
I was devastated the Sizzling Squid stuffed with Sisig was nowhere in sight. :(



IMG 1798

The Zubuchon 
For me, it's all about the skin. 



IMG 1819




IMG 1795

Slow Cooked Adobo - this plate was all fat. Except for one piece, everything else was left untouched.



IMG 1803

Zubuchon Dinuguan - pure Zubuchon meat, no innards!
Bbb…but… I wanted innards!!!



IMG 1793

Adobong Kangkong with Chicharon - yummy!



IMG 1809

Talong Salad



IMG 1810

Tomato, Salted Duck Egg and Bangus Tinapa



IMG 1800

Crab Relleno - more than the lechon, this was my favorite!



IMG 1817

 It was exactly what the menu promised - pure crabmeat, no extenders!



IMG 1820

Oreo and Classic Silvanas



IMG 1792

Kamias Shake



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Lechoned out!



Dearest Anthony Bourdain,

Zubuchon is not the best pig ever.

I am.

Marry me?



IMG 7858

SAY YES!!! SAY YES!!!!!!!!



Zubuchon: One Mango Mall, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City. Tel: +63 32 239 5697

Zubuchon Facebook Page

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