Monday, February 18, 2013

Richard and Monica's Engagement Dinner


IMG 7578

Richard and Monica's Engagement Dinner was held at The Atrium Room at Island Shangri-La



IMG 7589

I'm happy the whole family got to take a photo with the bride and groom before they became
busy with the guests




But I am much happier that they served fresh fruit cream cake before dinner! Yay! :)))




The girls were all on a diet. I was VERY happy to eat their share. :D



IMG 7586

I know this is so random, but check out my cousin Jessica's nails!



I've always loved the Chinese food at Island Shangri-La, and that night's banquet did not disappoint.


IMG 7592

Barbecued suckling pig



IMG 7595

Sauteed sliced sea whelk, fresh prawns and vegetables in XO sauce



IMG 7596

Braised bird's nest broth with crab meat and shredded chicken



IMG 7607

Braised sliced abalone with black mushrooms and vegetables



IMG 7615

Steamed fresh red spotted garoupa



IMG 7617

Deep fried crispy chicken



IMG 7619

Fried rice with smoked salmon and seafood



IMG 7621

Shrimp wonton in supreme soup



IMG 7622

Sweetened cream of red bean with lily bulb, lotus seed, and sesame dumpling



IMG 7624

Chinese petit fours



IMG 7618

My table mates. BURP!!!


Richard and Monica's Tea Ceremony

Island Shangri-La: Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR

Island Shangri-La Website 


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