Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Cebu City Tour


IMG 1476

I wish all the strangers we meet in life knew how to take the perfect photo.
You can't make it out, but that's the Magellan Shrine behind us.



IMG 1474

There. 100% of it.



IMG 1487

And that's Lapu-Lapu, our first Filipino hero. He was a ruler of Mactan and the first native
to resist the Spanish colonization. And he is also oh so handsome!



IMG 1484

I never knew I would fall in love with a statue but just look at that. Whew.



IMG 1482

Lapu-Lapu in all his muscular glory



IMG 1491

Sorry, but I just had to take him in from each and every angle! Lol! :P



IMG 1494

I thought this fan-tree was interesting, but didn't get a chance to take a better photo
because the Japanese/Koreans were all over it! What I couldn't understand was
why they prefer to do this to a plant rather than to Lapu-Lapu. HA HA :P



IMG 1496

After 1 hour, we arrived at the Cebu Taoist Temple. Traffic was really, REALLY horrible.



IMG 1505

The Taoist Temple was built in 1972 by Cebu's Chinese community. It is perched high on the 
northern hills overlooking the city. 



IMG 1501

The entrance resembles the Great Wall of China



IMG 1497

I am drawn to this spot. It looks so serene.



IMG 1510

Red pillars and iron bell



IMG 1506

I could stay here for another hour but we needed to get going to see more of Cebu



Our driver Ricky suggested we go to Top to see the beautiful view overlooking the whole city.



IMG 1515

So after a 40-minute drive uphill we arrived at the top



IMG 1517

And this was the beautiful view that greeted us!
Ang ganda ganda nga, Ricky!!! 



427984 10152464430990385 2071486593 n

At least he knew how to take the perfect photo complete with the perfect view :P



Traffic in Cebu is terrible during the Sinulog season. We were stuck in the van most of the day. 

If you ask me what my memory of my most recent Cebu trip is.

It is this.


IMG 1512

The inside of Ricky's rental van. 


I miss you, Lapu-Lapu.


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