Friday, February 1, 2013

Cafe Georg ♥ ♥


Today is our Cebu City Tour Day.

We planned on an early start, to skip breakfast in lieu of brunch at Cafe Georg so we can start going around town and see as many things as we can.

But we woke up 30 minutes ahead of schedule and decided to spend the extra half hour hitting the hotel breakfast buffet. Hee hee hee. :P



IMG 1473

Naturally, we were still full when we arrived at our brunch venue. (What's new, right?) 



IMG 1409

I love this corner at Cafe Georg. Feels so homey!



IMG 1455

And these hanging lamps, too



Like I said, we weren't THAT hungry, so we ordered a few dishes for us 7 to share - a soup, a dip, three salads, two pastas, and four mains.



IMG 1420

Pumpkin Soup - no to toooooo much thickening agent :(



IMG 1431

Spinach and Cheese Dip



IMG 1423

Mexican Salad - lettuce, chili con carne, cheese, tomato-corn salsa, crisp wonton strips.
This was a beauty to look at and to eat. Crunchy and tasty. Achi Donna's favorite.
I imagine it'd taste even better with a splash of Tabasco jalapeño. 



IMG 1432

Apple, Candied Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad - mixed lettuce with arugula, apple, candied walnut,
blue cheese with creamy balsamic dressing. Everyone's favorite! I love the big chunks of fruit,
nuts and cheese. We easily wiped out 2 orders of this.



IMG 1438

Tartufo in Cream Sauce



IMG 1442

Spanish Chorizo in Tomato Cream



IMG 1441

Chicken Pot Pie



IMG 1443

Once Upon a Pork - slow cooked in banana leaf with achuete, garlic, cumin, orange and lime 



IMG 1448

 Singaporean Style Fish - I quite enjoyed the exotic, gingery flavors



IMG 1428

Fresh Grape Shake



By this time we were already too full to breathe, but couldn't resist a few desserts.

It was the best decision we made all day.

What was lacking in its food, Cafe Georg more than made up for with its cakes.

All four slices were so good I couldn't decide which I love 2nd, 3rd and 4th best.  



IMG 1458

Of course, I love my favorite tiramisu the most! :)



IMG 1459

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake



IMG 1462

Cookie Dough Cheesecake



IMG 1470

Mango Tiramisu



And with cakes there must be coffee!


IMG 1466

Cafe Mocha



IMG 1469

Espresso for me



IMG 1450

Sugar high



IMG 1449

Surgeon General's Warning: Eating a full breakfast and lunch plus ahellottta desserts within an
hour of each other can cause you to spill over your already-extended white shorts. 



Cafe Georg: Ground Floor, MLD Building, Banilad, Cebu City. Tel: +63 32 234 0887

Cafe Georg Website

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