Thursday, February 28, 2013

Le Comptoir du Relais ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 1616

I have confirmed bookings for all my dinners in France, except for this one, because Yves
Camdeborde, the owner of one of Paris' hottest tables, does not take reservations. 
(Plus I am really just a nobody, hee hee hee) 



IMG 1619

I don't mind waiting for an hour and a half in the cold especially when I know I'm getting
good food. And I know I'll be getting excellent food at Le Comptoir because my friend,
Mike "The Michelin Guide" Luakian, promised me so. 



I don't mind waiting, but... 


IMG 1622

If this were in Hong Kong they would have given me that seat and I would have been friends and 
sharing food with that girl in leather jacket, but no, this is Paris where people enjoy their meals
leisurely without being rushed and disturbed, and without some fat Asian lady trying to pick at
their plates. (I still love Paris.)



IMG 1627

After about 90 minutes of standing I finally earned my right to step into the busy restaurant



IMG 1636

And look, I got front seats, too!
Bordeaux Cotes de Francs 2006 Chateau du Puy to go with my meal.



IMG 1638

Foie gras de canard des Landes de la maison Paris au pruneaux
If you don't know your French, there's Google Translate. Fine, I'll do it this one time for you. 
According to Google, this is "Foie gras from the Landes house in Paris prunes." Hahaha!



IMG 1639

I arranged each element on top of each other so I get full enjoyment of all the 
flavors and textures in every bite. Creamy, salty, sweet, meaty, buttery, yummy!



IMG 1643

Cochon de lait braise et roti, lentilles en ragout
Slow-cooked pork over stewed lentils 



IMG 1647

OMG!!! This is THE BEST EVER pork dish I've had in my 33 years of pork-eating life.
So insanely packed with flavor and ridiculously tender! I finished this without
ever having to pick up my knife. 



IMG 1655




IMG 1664

For dessert, I had Cremeux au chocolat, crumble cacao, coulis de fruits de la passion



IMG 1667

This super light chocolate-passion fruit combination was so divine



IMG 1674

It was gone in seconds!!



IMG 1685

Double Espresso to cap off the amazing meal



IMG 1650

Thank God I was alone because dinner was so good I was murmuring
expletives all throughout. :D



IMG 1686

If I didn't feel compassion for these people, I would have gone for a second round of dinner!


Le Comptoir du Relais: 9 carrefour de l'Odeon, 6e, Saint Germain des Pres, Paris, 75006, France.

Tel: +33 1 44 27 07 50

Cafe Breton ♥ ♥


IMG 7119



When I want something fast, easy and reliable, I go to Cafe Breton.

For the savories, I almost always order the Galette Paysanne or the Galette Bretonne, depending if I'm in the mood for meat or seafood.

Most of the time I go for both.



IMG 7109

Galette Paysanne - Hungarian sausage, onions, egg, asparagus with cheese sauce



IMG 7113

Galette Bretonne - spinach, shrimps sautéed with crabmeat, fresh cream, gruyere cheese



Since I was eating with a friend today, we ordered three and chose the Galette Marrakech for our third dish. 

I didn't like it much.


IMG 7110

Galette Marrakech - spicy Moroccan beef sausage with egg, onions, tomato provencale 



IMG 7118

Still we finished everything. BURP!!!


Cafe Breton: G/F, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Tel: +632 556 0279

Bono Artisanal Gelato ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 3199



I didn't even know there's a university for gelato-making.

I'm not kidding you.

It's called Carpigiani Gelato University and it is in Bologna.

And the people behind Bono went to this university. They learned how to make gelato and brought the technology back to Manila. 



IMG 3198

Everything you need to know about Bono is right here on this wall, so I'm not gonna do a lot of
explaining, only eating. Hee hee hee. 



I was too busy stuffing my face with gelato I forgot to take a photo of the handsome macho man who churned out all this goodness - Cattabriga Effe. (When you run to Bono after reading this post, please give this to him from me: Mwah mwah mwah!!!)


What I love about Bono (and what you are going to love about it, too) is that it doesn't scrimp on ingredients.  


IMG 3200

Oatmeal Cookie - look at all those raisins!



IMG 3212

Cioccolato - made with 70% pure dark chocolate



IMG 3209

Of course, they also have that thing everyone is raving about right now - Speculoos.
(Look at all that spiced cookie butter!) 




My favorites are:

 IMG 3206

Chunky Ube
You all know of my steamy love affair with ube. And here at Bono, they use only the real root crop thing.
It's more grainy than chunky but I couldn't imagine anyone calling their gelato "Grainy Ube." Lol! 
Under my newfound purple heaven is Pistacchio.




Soooooo gooooooood I went back for another cup in 48 hours. 
See all those nuts? 



Bono really is the best gelato in Manila.

Now I wonder if there is a tiramisu university...


Bono Artisanal Gelato: 2nd Floor, SM Makati (across Cafe France, next to the bridge that connects to Glorietta)

Bono Artisanal Gelato Facebook Page

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Cousin Monica's Bachelorette Party


My cousin Monica is getting married really soon (like this Saturday already!), so we threw her a bachelorette party that is jungle-themed.

We played around with a lot of sexy ideas like Mouiln Rouge, French maids, Playboy bunnies, lingerie party, etc. etc. etc. but figured most of us (actually, just me!) are not sexy at all to pull them off. Lol!

So we decided to do jungle and come in not-so-sexy animal prints. 


Warning: If you are 30 years old and below, PLEASE EXIT NOW.


Our very talented cousin May did all the set up. Look how she transformed this drab of a room.


IMG 3455

Not bad, eh?
(For the many of you who asked, May is also the one who styled Tyler's Christening



IMG 3440

Animal print balloons and curtains



IMG 3451

Table and chairs



IMG 3459

Plastic cups



IMG 3436

May also prepared these headbands for us



IMG 3466

Nail stick-ons for the bride-to-be



IMG 3468




IMG 3471

And that's our Monica, who is usually in big tops and flip flops, all dolled up :)



The rest of us animals:





(Auntie Edna, I forgot to take your pic!)



IMG 3486

Our food was also prepared by May



IMG 3482

Salsa (this came with nachos)



IMG 3477

Chicken Lollipop



IMG 3478

DIY Burgers



IMG 3513

I love mine with cheese and salsa



IMG 3481

Chicken Mancini



IMG 3484

Creamy Fruit Salad 



And then the games. After all, girls just wanna have fun! :P


IMG 3518

First with clay (but I'd rather not show you what we did with them)



IMG 3528

Then with bananas



IMG 3529

Someone didn't know how to follow rules! Lol!



IMG 3540

"How Well Do You Know Your Groom"
My gosh, Monica had to drink A LOT! Hahaha! 



IMG 3543

Gift-giving time!
The bride-to-be got a few swimwear for her upcoming beach honeymoon,
robe, undies (non-edible and edible!)  ;)



IMG 3521

Fun fun night with aunties and cousins :)



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