Monday, January 14, 2013

Tyler's First Birthday


IMG 9180

Remember Tyler and his christening dinner?
This time we celebrate the little man's first birthday. 



IMG 9183

The beautiful receptionists :)



IMG 9190

Blues, greens, balloons, and hot air balloons



IMG 9188

The VIP seats



IMG 9200

Table setting for our very important little guests



IMG 9198

Marshmallows and popcorn



IMG 9206




IMG 9186

Table setting and mints



IMG 9215

More popcorn and flavors



IMG 9197

 The birthday cake



IMG 9208

The FIC models



IMG 9205

Mr. Pluffy cotton candy



IMG 9234

I love my special teddy bear plate! :)



Food was by M Catering and Fine Foods.


IMG 9217

Smoked salmon and dill cream on melba toasts



IMG 9232

Liver pate and apple sauce (?) on melba toasts



IMG 9236

Paella negra croquetas



IMG 9238

Ham and cheese croquetas



IMG 9253

Croquetas and pork skewers



IMG 9254

Grilled prawns



IMG 9257

Lasagna cups



IMG 9258

Taco empanada



IMG 9259

Lengua tart



IMG 9270

Wild mushroom phyllo parcels


 There was more food but I had to leave early and rush to another party.


IMG 9244

The guests, big and small, had loads of fun



IMG 9249

The little VIPs danced



IMG 9273

The dogs also danced!!!!!!!



IMG 9263

And that's the birthday boy dancing with his date, the balloon :P



IMG 9301

Photo booth time!
(I love purple! I wanted to eat that wig!)



IMG 9226

Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie Tyler!!! :)


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