Monday, January 14, 2013

Auntie Jean and Jordan's Birthday Dinner


IMG 9290



No, the dinner theme was not Christmas!

Auntie Jean and Jordan's birthday just happened to fall close to the holidays.

Had a simple celebration at the house with home cooked food...


IMG 9274

Grilled pork



IMG 9275

Creamy chicken curry



IMG 9276




IMG 9278

Pork barbecue



IMG 9288

Butterfly prawns



IMG 9277

Birthday noodles



IMG 9285

Fruit salad



IMG 9292

Leche flan



IMG 9294

The boys played pool



IMG 9287

While the birthday boy got to hang out with the pretty ladies ;)



IMG 9297

Happy Birthday, Auntie Jean and Jordan! :)

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