Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve Feast 2012, Part 2


IMG 3260



After an earlier dinner at my Ama's house, we moved to my Gwama's for another new year's eve pig out session.

It lasted until 5 in the morning. Whew.



Grilled salmon, garlic crabs, pork barbecue, hot prawn salad




Filipino-style spaghetti, fruit salad, macaroni salad, satay noodles, fried rice




Wild mushroom risotto, sweet tikoy, pichi pichi with cheese, saffron risotto



IMG 0505





Fudge brownies, cupcakes by Vanilla Cupcakery, turtle pie and baked cheesecake by Baby Yulo




Strawberry Champagne Cake by my cousin Nikko and red cherries



IMG 0535

After dinner, Gwama gave out lucky money to all Fatterside helpers



IMG 0538

There were gazillions of them, I spied the naughty ones queueing more than once! :P



IMG 0549

After gwama gave away her life savings, she happily watched them dance the night away



IMG 0525

2013, here we come!!! :)


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