Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gloria Maris Greenhills, Revisited ♥


Uncle Rolly was able to convince the hospital to discharge him for a few hours so he could celebrate his birthday with us.

He obediently checked in Cardinal Santos again after dinner.

This is how much Jin's family loves to eat.


IMG 9577

The new Gloria Maris is HUGE!!!



IMG 9595

There were 3-4 parties going on at the same time that evening. It was SOOOO NOISY!!!
This group had kids doing the Gangnam. So cute but SOOOOOOOOOO NOISSSSYYYYY!!!!!!!



IMG 9578

Birthday Noodles



IMG 9583

Roast Goose and Jellyfish 



IMG 9585




IMG 9587

Pork with Brocolli



IMG 9598

Crab and Crab Rice - this was really delicious!



IMG 9599

 Peking Duck



IMG 9600

Pork Rib Soup



IMG 9603

Steamed Lapu Lapu



IMG 9605

Minced Duck in Lettuce Cups



IMG 9615

Longevity Buns



IMG 9617




IMG 9638

Mango Sago



IMG 9608

We also pulled and passed around this giant dried squid Frances got from Japan



IMG 9620

Uncle Rolly's birthday cakes (clockwise from top left): Mom and Tina's Mocha Buttercream Cake,
Baby Yulo Peach Walnut Torte, some cake the waiter mistakenly gave us (it was from another table's.
The owner was not quite happy with the holes from our candles, haha! Sorry!!!), Pacita's Mocha Cake,
Nikko's Summer Koi Carrot Cake, Costa Brava Ube Cake



IMG 9613

A closer look at my cousin Nikko's beautiful creation. She's got amazing talent. I am so proud! :)



IMG 9627

Birthday giveaways



IMG 9633

The Chiang Family



IMG 9639

 All of us and none left of the cakes!


Gloria Maris: Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan. Tel: +632 466 1998

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