Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Achiote Taqueria ♥


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They wanted to go to Kuretake AGAIN.

I mean I love Kuretake and don't really mind having Japanese everyday, but the holidays left a big, fat bottomless pit in my stomach that right this minute, only a burrito can fill.

The parentals do not like Mexican food.

But I do. Hee hee.


I assured Mom it's just like Chinese lumpia.


IMG 0688




IMG 0689

 Achiote Chicken Burrito - signature grilled free-range chicken marinated in lime, garlic,
achiote seeds and cumin. This was quite tasty with some salsa and hot sauce.
The wrapper was thin enough but I found it a bit pasty. 



IMG 0695

Chorizo Queso Torta - pork chorizo, fajita veggies, black beans, Mexican cheese mix,
achiote-chipotle salsa. The bread was really dry and stale. Salad was sweet and refreshing.



IMG 0699

Mom's favorite part of the meal was this super spicy sauce. She spooned it on everything.



IMG 0693

We also had a Verde Queso Fundido which was a mixture of spinach, garlic, artichoke
and goat cheese. It was sad and tasteless.



IMG 0700

To save it, I mixed it with some salsa and super spicy sauce



IMG 0697

I don't think they really enjoy Mexican food



IMG 0701

Thanks to my ever reliable bottomless pit, we managed not to waste anything :P


Achiote Taqueria: Lopez Drive, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati. Tel: +632 822 0273

Achiote Taqueria Facebook Page


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