Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ryan and Kim's Wedding Reception


IMG 8686

The Isla Ballroom at Edsa Shangri-La



IMG 8693

The Stage and The Presidential Table



IMG 8688

The Cake



556758 10151341727955185 1440257691 n

The Flowers



IMG 8683

The Sexy Receptionist Monica ;)



The Food:


IMG 8722

Poached shrimp cocktail with romaine lettuce, avocado and classic cocktail dressing



IMG 8729

Roasted forest mushroom soup with herbed cream mousse and crispy crouton



IMG 8742

Lemon herb crusted Norwegian salmon fillet with creamy potato, broccoli, and citrus caper sauce



IMG 8748

Roasted beef tenderloin with caramelized onion tart, glazed carrots, asparagus and red wine sauce



IMG 8754

Grand Marnier creme brûlée with espresso scented crispy tuile



IMG 8735

The Most Handsome Cousin from the Groom Side (Naks!)
Host RJ: What is the secret to having 3 kids?
TMHCGS Danny: Drink a lot and don't miss!!! 



IMG 8762

The Surprise of the Night: Didn't know my cousin Ryan could sing so well!



IMG 8763




IMG 8764

The Fatherside Cousins



IMG 8768

The 2 Ladies Who Deserve Special Mention: Cassie and Achi Timmy,
for coming in dresses :)



IMG 8701

The Couple Who is Next: Carl and Achi Les! ;)



156728 10151341729915185 1848348776 n

The Newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Perez


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